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Pastor Search Information - 2022

Nashua Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri, is seeking a full-time pastor who aligns with the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. Resumes will be received through October 15 at or Pastor Search c/o Beverly Hamby, 8030 N Hickory Street, Apt 1327, Kansas City, MO 64118.


Thank you for your interest in our pastor search process.  Whether your interest is in applying for the pastor's position or in supporting the committee and congregation during this season of change, you've come to the right place.  We would humbly ask you to pray for:

(1)  Our church as we continue through this season of change and prepare for this new phase in the life of our church.

(2)  Our search committee as we prayerfully seek God's will, for clarity and unity in finding the man He has already chosen for us.

(3)  The man God has for us as He prepares this man's heart and mind to begin a new chapter in his ministry and life.

(4)  Our future pastor's family as they will also be starting a new chapter in their lives.

(5)  Our future pastor's current church family as they will begin the season of change we are currently in.

Please see the links below for more information.

The Survey Says...

The search committee distributed a congregational survey to determine what traits the church desires in our new pastor.  To view a summary of the survey responses, click here:  Pastor Search Congregational Survey Summary

Full-Time Pastor Job Description

Once the survey results were compiled and reviewed with the rest of the congregation, the Personnel Committee was tasked with revising the pastor's job description.  Here is a link to the proposed Job Description - Pastor, anticipated to be adopted by the church on or about September 25, 2022.