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Sermon Series - The Church & The Magnificent 7

October 15, 2017
"Why Should the Church Evangelize?"
Pastor Mike Fox


November 5, 2017
"Why the Church Fellowships"
Pastor Mike Fox

October 22, 2017
"Why the Church Baptizes"
Pastor Mike Fox


November 12, 2017
"Why the Church Worships"
Pastor Mike Fox

October 29, 2017
"Why the Church Teaches"
Pastor Mike Fox


November 19, 2017
"Why the Church Prays"
Pastor Mike Fox


Sermon Series - The Prophetic Jesus


December 3, 2017
"The Prophetic Jesus - Part 1"
Dr. Mike Fox

December 10, 2017
"The Prophetic Jesus - Part 2"
Dr. Mike Fox

December 17, 2017
"The Prophetic Jesus - Part 3"
Dr. Mike Fox


December 24, 2017
"The Prophetic Jesus - Part 4"
Dr. Mike Fox


Sermon Series - Simple Stories

December 31, 2017
"What's in Your Dirt?"
Dr. Mike Fox

January 7, 2018
"The Yard Stick"
Dr. Mike Fox

January 14, 2018
"Dream Big"
Dr. Mike Fox


January 21, 2018
"Obedient Faith"
Dr. Mike Fox

January 28, 2018
"Valued Appreciation"
Dr. Mike Fox

February 4, 2018
"A New Attitude"
Dr. Mike Fox