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What is AWANA?

Awana for children offers a fun, proven approach for early evangelism and discipleship through Scripture memorization. Scripture-based programs and exciting games attract families, promote Bible literacy and help kids develop lifelong faith in Christ. 

Awana for middle school and high school ministries help students understand their destinies in Christ, enter adulthood with godly perspectives and share their faith as they serve others. 

This ministry opportunity is open from 3 years old through 12th grade.


When is AWANA at your church?

AWANA is on Sunday evenings from 5-7:00pm and runs from kickoff on August 12th until our AWANA Award Ceremony on May 5th 2019. 


How can I register my child for AWANA?

Registration is easy. You can register on-line by clicking the button below or you may register at our "Block Party" at the church on August 11th (11-2pm) or the first night of AWANA on August 12th. Please note that space is limited so the earlier you register the better you guarantee a spot for your child.


Does AWANA cost anything?

The short answer is yes. The cost is $35 per year per child, maximum of a $100 per family. This cost covers the uniform, books, awards, and dues. A great investment into the faith life of any child.

What are the "Clubs"?

The clubs are how AWANA places children into age groups for the best learning experience, as follows:
- Cubbies (3-5yo)
- Sparks (K-2nd Grade)
- Truth and Training (3rd-5th Grade)
- Trek (Jr. High)
- Journey (Sr. High)

What does an average night in AWANA look like?

It begins with COUNCIL TIME when the leaders share a message with the clubbers. Clubbers also learn about missionaries and how God sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. Audio and visual aids catch a child’s attention and convey a spiritual truth.

Then comes GAME TIME which is most clubbers favorite part of club. Clubbers participate in exciting team games on the Awana Circle. Competition is not emphasized in the early grades, but gradually will increase with the higher grade levels. Awana games are fun! Clubbers learn teamwork, sharing, and discipline.

Finally, there is HANDBOOK TIME where Club members use this time to recite carefully selected Scripture to leaders. Clubbers work with a small group of leaders throughout the whole year and benefit from these relationships. Clubbers earn awards that they wear on a uniform that encourages participation in all facets of club.


Just for parents to maximize the AWANA family experience 


At Nashua Baptist Church we value the safety and security of your children. Please refer to this link to view our security accountability system and how to register for rapid check-in. 

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