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SOS - Support Our Soldiers

Support Our Soldiers - "SOS"

SOS is an informal organization seeking to lend support to the families of any service member currently serving in the US military, regardless of the branch of service.  Beginning in January of 2003, this group has had the privilege of supporting many military mothers, wives, girlfriends and children in a variety of ways.  Lasting friendships have developed and a sense of community for all military families lead each one to seek out others who may need support.  The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a need over and above that which is met through Family Readiness Groups, operated by volunteers for different military units.  All family members of service personnel are welcome.  Currently the group meets about twice a month.  There are also activities for children and youth to enjoy while the adults meet.

The group facilitator is Judy Harrelson, who is the mother of a soldier.

SOS Picnic - July 18, 2009


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