Nashua Baptist Church

NBC: a community of Southern Baptist believers committed to sharing Jesus Christ, ou.

"Sing the glory of His Name; Make His praise glorious."  Psalm 66:2


Have you ever been asked to define what music is? Do you have a definition for what it means to you?  These are good thought questions as surely some melodies run through your mind when you consider how to answer.

At NBC, music takes us further than just a definition. It is a joyful vehicle to worship JESUS, just for Who He is, and all that is Glorious about Him!  A possible meaning of music may be found in the “new song” of heaven in Revelation 5:9-14, sung by the angels, all living creatures, and the elders.  Music may simply be a soothing and boisterous waterfall of sound to one's soul. 

All are Welcome to join in our music celebrations at any of the NBC worship hours.